Ulta Pani Mainpat: Scientific Reason

Ulta Pani (उल्टा पानी or reverse water) is a natural water stream flowing in the flat top of Mainpat. It is also known as bisar pani.

List of contents
(01). About Mainpat
(02). About Basar Pani
(03). What is special?
(04). Importance
(05). Religious significance
(06). Reasons or reverse water stream
(07). When to visit this place?
(08). How to reach?
(09). (09). Other tourism places

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(01). About Mainpat

Mainpat is a plateau region in Ambikapur (Sarguja) district, Chhattisgarh. It is a hill station. The hill station is popularly known as the Shimla of Chhattisgarh. Here you can see Buddhist monks. It is a pilgrim for the people who follow Buddhism.

(02). About Basar Pani

Bisar pani is a small place in Mainpat plateau region. It is a village in Ambikapur. It is made up of two words. In Bisar pani, Bisar stands for a taste (for example, taste of raw meat), and pani stands for water.

Location1: 5 km from Mainpat (Ambikapur to Mainpat road)
2: Location on Google Map
Known forUpstream water flow

(03). What is special?

Here, you will see a stream of running water.

  • The stream is just apposite to a normal water stream.
  • You will experience that this stream is defying gravity.
  • The water does not move according to the slope.
  • Water seams climbing the slope against it.
  • In this way it creates the illusion of sight.
  • And thus we feel that the water is going up the slope instead of flowing down the slope.

People have different views on this. It is a holy place for the local people.

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(04). Importance

  • A picnic spot.
  • Tourism place.
  • Natural place.
  • Site of scientific research.
  • Religious significance.

As a picnic spot: You can go here to spend your free time. It is a picnic spot. Although you can’t pollute this place.

Tourism place: It is one of the most visited place in Chhattisgarh. Foreign tourists also included this place in their journey programme. It is part of Chhattisgarh tourism department.

Natural place: It is a natural place. The natural place is rich in indigenous species of different flora and fauna.

(05). Religious significance

The place has religious significance. It is the another home of some Tibetan refugees.

Myths and facts

The residents residing in this area are educationally backward. There are many beliefs about Ulta Pani. Some also consider it the effect of black forces. After scientific discoveries in this area, such beliefs were largely refuted.

(06). Reasons or reverse water stream

There is no conclusive evidence about reverse water stream. Some theories are based on the following facts:

  • Gravity.
  • Visual or optical illusion.

Gravity theory: Here, the water defies gravity.
Optical illusion: It is just an optical illusion.

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(07). When to visit this place?

Rainy season: This area receives a high amount of annual rainfall. The average rain is more in rainy season than other areas of the district. Don’t plan your trip during the monsoon season.

Summer season: The average day temperature riches up to 38 °C, and the maximum temperature can go up to 42 °C. Don’t plan your trip during the summer season.

Winter season: The average temperature is 15 °C. The minimum temperature may go down 6 °C.

(08). How to reach?

Bus: You can use any local bus to reach here. Use night buse if you live in Raipur, Bilaspur, Jagdalpur, etc.

Train: Swami Vivekananda Railway Station. (1). From Raipur railway station. (2). From Bilaspur railway station.


  • From Raipur.
  • From nearby cities.

(09). Other tourism places

  • Tiger Point Waterfall.
  • Fish Point Waterfall.
  • Ghaghi waterfall.
  • Jaljala (Daladal bhumi).
  • Parpatiya view point.
  • Buddha temples.
  • Jalpari point.


01: छत्तीसगढ़ तथ्य: छत्तीसगढ़ का शिमला कर देगा हैरान, यहां चढ़ाई की ओर बहती है धारा, नाम है उल्टापानी- देखें वीडियो।

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