Teth Nagpuri Song

What is Theth Nagpuri Song?

Theth Nagpuri Song (ठेठ नागपुरी सॉन्ग या गाने) is a type of Nagpuri songs. These songs are famous in and around the Chhota Nagpur regions. This song is originated from Chhota Nagpur.

Singing styles

The style of singing is quite different from the modern songs. It is sung in a rustic style. In this, there is more emphasis on the lyrics of the song and there is a lot of wavering in the tone of the song. This song most suits female singers. It seems like a folk song.


The song is very much popular in Eastern Jharkhand (Gumla and Simdega), Northern Chhattisgarh (Jashpur, Ambikapur, Balrampur, Surajpur, etc.).

Notable singers

Budhman SanyasiHawa Hawa
Arti DeviHay re jodi
Kesho DeviJogani
Dileep GopNA
Pawan RoyHay re hamar sona Jharkhand

The biggest difference between this style of Nagpuri songs and modern Nagpuri songs is that modern Nagpuri songs contain Hindi words. The style is also very similar to Hindi songs.

When is it sung?

  • Any festival.
  • On the occasion of reception of guests.

Other songs from the same and nearby areas

  • Sargujia song.
  • Jashpuriya song.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Wher can I find this song?

  • You can find Teth Nagpuri Song from one of the following place:
    • YouTube.
    • Instagram.
    • Other social media platforms.

Question 02. Who is created for the invention of TNS?

  • This is a folk song. Inventor is unknown.

Question 03. Is this a professional industry?

  • No , it is not a professional industry.

Question 04. What are some interesting things about the Teth Nagpuri Songs?

  • Some interesting things are as follows:
    • The singers have huge fan following in rural areas.
    • Singers are treated as celebrity.

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