Small Recurring Income Business Ideas

We all want a stable way of recurring income. For this, we invest our money in many schemes wether it is government or public. In this post, we will know about some ideas of recurring income. Read this post for more information.

What is recurring income?

It is a type of income model through which a investor get consistently income on a regular basis. RI is a way of passive income.

Ways of recurring income

(01). Lease your land
(02). Lease your orchard
(03). Rent your house
(04). Rent your vehicle
(05). Development of irrigation system
(06). Development of farm house
(07). Development of electricity station
(08). Development of own public park
(09). Write story on Kindle

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(01). Lease your land

You can lease your land for purposes:

  • Vegetable farming.
  • Poultry farming.
  • Dairy farming.
  • Fish farming.
  • Ornamental plant nursery.
  • Fruit cultivation.

There will be a contract between you and the contractor. Contractor will develop a farm in your land. He/she will be responsible for his/her loss. You will get your rent at a fixed time.

One of my friend is running his ornamental plant nursery in Raipur, Chhattisgarh since 2007. He is owner of Star Nursery, Raipur. Land owner get a handy amount from him annually.

All rental ideas are ideal for both the rural and urban areas.

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(02). Lease your orchard

An orchard may be:

  • Mango orchard.
  • Cashew nut orchard.
  • Apple orchard.
  • Almond orchard.
  • Guava orchard.
  • Orchards of other fruit crops.

Tips for getting maximum auction prize are as follows:

  • Select a fruit species of customer’s choice.
  • Plant best quality variety.
  • Raise a quality nursery.
  • It should include all necessary resources.
  • Look for a contractor.
  • Lease your orchard.

Here, you have to develop an orchard. After the establishment of orchard, you can handover it to an interested contractor. Contractor will manage your orchard for the whole period. You will get your rent at the time.

(03). Rent your house

Cloth, food, and house are the three major necessity of our life. Everybody need a house. All people have their own house, but they require a house when they migrate to a new place. One of the following people will look for a house:

  • A school teacher.
  • Doctor.
  • A public servent.
  • Other government servants.
  • Servants of a private company.
  • A businessman.
  • Newly married couple.
  • Many others.

It is the simplest method of recurring earning.

For this:

  • Buy a piece of land.
  • Use your land.
  • Construct a house.
  • Rent your house on monthly basis.
  • It is the well known risk free way of earning recurring income.

(04). Rent your vehicle

Transportation and travelling are one of the biggest business model. Transportation includes public transportation, goods transportation, construction materials transportation, etc. Every one need a mean of travel. Truck, tractor, dumper, etc., are the most common transporting vehicles. Buses and cars are the most common public transporting vehicles.

For this:

  • Buy a vehicle of your choice depending on your budget.
  • You should buy a four wheel vehicle.
  • Go to a tour a travelling agency.
  • Make a wise contract with them.
  • Rent your vehicle to them.
  • You will get daily recurring income.
  • Although, you can make a contract with any government departments.

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(05). Development of irrigation system

India is a country of marginal and small farmers. The Indian farmers lack in basic resources. Irrigation is one of them. Due to the lack of irrigation facility, farmers depend on Monsoon. Multi season cropping is not common in India. The biggest reason behind this is the unavailability of irrigation facility. You can make a way of earning by providing them irrigation facility.

This method will work in rural areas. Develop following things:

  • Dig a borewell.
  • Construct a pond or a big water holding cement tank.
  • Carve out some outlets.
  • Make small water canals up to the field of farmers.

For this:

  • Spot an area.
  • Talk to needy farmers.
  • Make a contract with them.
  • Provide them irrigation water facility.
  • Get monthly income.

(06). Development of farm house

Picnic spots are one of the most visited place in this world. There is always a huge potential of earning. You can make lakhs of rupees in a year from these sites. All you have to do is to invest some initial money.

For this:

  • Look for a picnic spot.
  • Buy a nearby piece of land.
  • Construct a small and beautiful house.
  • Rent it to visitors.
  • Get your income instantly.

(07). Development of electricity station

We need electricity for cooking, telivision, fan, freezer, cooler, pumps, and many more technologies. There is no life without electricity. We can’t imagine a life without electricity. You can earn many lakhs in a year by adopting this business model.

For this:

  • You have to invest a handy amount of money.
  • Although you can use subsidy programme from government.
  • Spot a site.
  • I’m talking about solar electricity.
  • You have to invest a big amount of money.
  • Install solar panels in a big area.
  • Distribute it at day times.
  • Store it for night times.

(08). Development of own public park

You can develop a park for public and generate income. Zoological park, botanical park, ornamental park, aquatic park, etc., are the most popular parks.

For this:

  • Select a land nearby a city.
  • Buy a piece of land.
  • Develop your park.
  • Apply tickets for entry into the park.

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(09). Write story on Kindle

You can write story and publish it on Amazon Kindle. Select your topic and write on it. You have to write only one time. You will get 30 to 70% royalty with each sale. It is interesting that you will also get royalty when someone read your contents. You can earn more with more contents. Maintain the quality of your stories. Although you can write on different categories, such as technology, farming, gardening, cooking, beauty tips, etc. It is one of the best ways of recurring earning for college students.

Amazon Kindle is a self-publishing platform for content writers.

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