Answer Key

Table 01:

(01).cBritish Thermal Units: 1kw/hour = 3412 BTU/hour or 1000 BTU/hour
(03).dFormula: R=pL/A
R= Resistance of conductor
p= Resistivity of conductor
L= Length of conductor
A= Area of conductor
(04).bElectron carries a negative charge of 1.602176634 × 10−19 coulomb.

Table 02:

(06).aCause of magnetism are as follows:

1. Electric currents.
2. magnetic moments of elementary particles.
(07).b1. It is the dimensional number of a material.
2. It tells how fast light travels through the material.
3. Formula: n={\frac {c}{v}},


C is the speed of light in vacuum. V is the phase velocity of light in the medium.

Table 03:

(11).dMagnetic torque:

1. The magnetic torque= τ.
2. Volume of a single particle= V.
3. A domain magnetization= Md.
4. Angle of moment= θ.

(12).d1. Relative density is also known as specific gravity.
2. It is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a given reference material.

Table 04:

(16).bSolvent is a liquid in which a substance is dissolved to form a solution. The substance is known as solute.
(17).aMyopia is known as nearsightedness. It is a condition in which close objects appear clearly. Far objectives are difficult to spot.

Table 05:

(21).dSpeed of light is 299792458 m/s.
(25).aVoltmeter is used for measuring electric potential difference between two points in an electric circuit.

Table 06:

(26).cThe three laws of Newton are as follows:

1. A body continues in its state of rest, or in uniform motion in a straight line, unless acted upon by a force.
2. A body acted upon by a force moves in such a manner that the time rate of change of momentum equals the force.
3. If two bodies exert forces on each other, these forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.
(27).cIt describes Newton’s laws of motion and his law of universal gravitation.

Table 07:

(35).aThe three laws of thermodynamics are as follows:

1. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
2. For a spontaneous process, the entropy of the universe increases.
3. A perfect crystal at zero Kelvin has zero entropy.
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