Patra Tennis Bat

What is a tennis bat?

A tennis bat is a light weight soft ball bat. It is very popular in gully cricket.

What is a Patra Tennis Bat?

A Patra Bat is also a tennis bat. It is made up of tik timber. It is long and wide enough to easily connect the ball. Average price is 250.00 INR to 350.00 INR.

Nameपटरा बैट (Patara)
ApplicationGully cricket
TypeSoft and hard tennis ball

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(1). Specifications

  • Length.
  • Width.
  • Weight.
  • Other specifications.

1.1: Length

What is the average length?

  • Average length is 70 cm.

What is the length of the main body?

  • The length of the main body is 50 cm.

1.2: Width

What is the width of the main body?

The width of the main body from bottom to handle is equal. Its average width is 12.5 cm.

1.3: Weight

What is the weight of this bat?

  • The average weight of patra bat is 700 to 800 gm.

1.4: Other specifications


  • Length of the handle: 20 cm
  • It becomes narrower towards the top.


  • It is the main part of this bat.
  • Strong shoulder means longer life.
  • It has a strong shoulder.
  • Average length is 1.5 cm., and the average width is 8 cm.

Bat splice

  • It has no bay splice.
  • There is a direct connection between the shoulder and the main body of the bat.


  • It has a narrower edge.
  • Width of the edge is 1.5 cm.


  • It has a broader face than any splice bat.
  • More face area means more coverage.

Bat swell

  • It doesn’t have a prominent bat swell.
  • Swell is a flat region.

Sweet spot

  • It has a curved sweet spot.
  • All patra bats have a curved sweet spot.


  • It doesn’t have a prominent spine.
  • Spine area is flat.

Bat toe

  • It has a crescent toe.
  • Toe is very fragile.

(2). Characteristics

  • YesLight weight.
  • More surface area.
  • Coverage area.

2.1: Light weight

The average weight of this item is 700 to 800 gm. It is lesser than the modern day bats. Light weight is its most important characteristic.

2.2: More surface area

Its average width is 12.5 cm. The average width of a splice bat is lesser than patra. More width gives more surface area.

2.3: Coverage area

More surface area provides more coverage area. A coverage area is a portion which make a connection with the ball during play.

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(3). Importance or benefits

  • Better swing.
  • More power.
  • Age of a player.
  • Light weight.

3.1: Better swing: Better swing is possible due to its light weight.

3.2: More power: Better swing, more surface and coverage area, and light weight help in generating more power during a quick swing.

3.3: Age of a player: It is ideal for all players. The bat is ideal for 15 years old to adults.

3.4: Light weight: Why is it preferred by the gully or village cricketers? Answer is its light weight.

(4). Cons

  • Long handle.
  • Poor grip.
  • Fragile.
  • Quick friction.

4.1: Long handle: Handle is long. Bottom hand stroke making is difficult.

4.2: Poor grip: Grip is very poor. You have to use rubber to make it more stable.

4.3: Fragile: The most fragile parts are shoulder and toe. Bat may be broken by a batter if he hit the pitch strongly.

4.4: Quick friction: Friction is very quick in toe portion. Repeated contact to the pitch make it worn out.

(5). Frequently asked questions

5.1: What is the price of this item?

Price of a Patra bat is 250.00 to 350.00 Rs.

5.2: Where can I buy this item?

You can buy it from one of the following place:

  1. Online e-commerce website.
  2. Stationery shop.
  3. Workshop.

Online e-commerce website

  • Amazon.
  • Flipkart.
  • ebay.
  • Shopify.
  • Personal e-commerce website or blog.

Stationery shop

  • General stationary shop.
  • Kirana dukaan.
  • Home and beauty shop.


Where it is made.

(6). Explanations

Handle: Handle is the upper portion. A bat is operated by holding its handle.

Shoulder: Shoulder is the lower portion of a handle.

Edge: It is the edge of the main body.

Face: It is the upper middle portion.

Swell: It is the back portion of a bat. Swell is a swollen portion which is prominent in a modern day cricket bat.

Sweet spot: It is the lower middle portion.

Spine: It is the lower back portion. Spine is prominent in a modern day cricket bat.

Toe: It is the lowest portion.

Soft ball: In this post, soft ball means tennis ball. For example, Cosco tennis ball is a soft ball.

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Patra Tennis Bat: Price and Specifications

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