Papaya Hermaphrodite Flowers Photos

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(2).About papaya

(1). HD Images of hermaphrodite flowers of papaya

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Image 01: A hermaphrodite papaya plant with flower buds. Flowers are alternative. This is the top portion of the plant.

Image 02: Flower buds on flower stalk. Flower stalk is short. It is very short as compared to the stalk of male papaya flower stalk.

Image 03: Flower is small. It is smaller than the Female papaya flower. Insect on flower is visible.

Image 04: You can see two insects on the petals. These are fruit fly. Fruit fly lies eggs inside the fruits.

Image 05: No pollination is necessary in hermaphrodite plants. It is necessary in female plants.

Image 06: Flowers appear in clusters.

Image 07: This is a female papaya plant. Buds are alternative. Bud appears as a single flower or as a small cluster of 2-3 buds.

Image 08: Bud in female papaya plant is bigger than the buds in male or hermaphrodite papaya plants.

Image 09: This bud is just opening.

Image 10: Here, you can see a small fruit inside the flower.

Image 11: This is a female papaya plants with many developing fruits.

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(2). About papaya

Common name: Papaya

English name: Papaya

Hindi name: पपीता

Scientific name: Carica papaya

Family: Caricaceae

Chromosome number: 2n = 18

Origin: Mexico

Types of flowers


Coimbatore series, e.g., CO 1, CO 2, and CO 3.

Gynodioecious, e.g., Surya.

Pusa delicious: Ratio female and herma. flower is 50:50.

Washington: The proportion of male plant is low.

Coorg honeydew: Most of the plants are hermaphrodite.

Pusa majesty: It is gynodioecious.

Flowering and fruiting

Carica papaya is found to flower throughout the year.

Inflorescence is axillary.

The male flower appears in the axil of the 24th leaf and that of female in 18th to 20th leaf.

The pattern of fruit growth in papaya followed the double sigmoid curve.

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