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Multiple Choice Questions On Pomology

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Question 01. At the time of fruit ripening….?

(a). Level of ABA decreases.
(b). Level of ABA increases.
(c). Remains contains.
(d). None of the above.

Question 02. Grade ‘C’ fruits are….?

(a). Small.
(b). Deformed and heavily damaged.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Mixed.

Question 03. Leaf bronzing in guava is due to….?

(a). Fe toxicity.
(b). Al toxicity.
(c). Zn toxicity.
(d). None of the above

Question 04. Scientific name of coffee cherry borer is?

(a). Xylotrachus quadripes.
(b). Hypothenemus hampil.
(c). Oryctus spp.
(d). Ryncophorus ferrugineus.

Question 05. Vector of citrus greening disease is?

(a). Papilo demolis.
(b). Diphorina citri.
(c). Dacus dorsalis.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 06. Vector of citrus canker is?

(a). Diphorina citri.
(b). Eriosoma logigerum.
(c). Phyllocnistis citrella.
(d). None of the above.

Question 07. Vector of citrus tirstiza disease is?

(a). Eriosoma.
(b). Toxoptera auranti.
(c). Amritoides atkinsoni.
(d). Dacus dorsalis.

Question 08. What is true about pisifera (oil palm)?

(a). Shell is present.
(b). Shell is absent.
(c). Both and b.
(d). Half shell is present.

Question 09. What is RBD (palm oil)?

(a). Refined Bleached Deodoured.
(b). Reusable Bleached Deodoured.
(c). Renewable Bleached Deodoured. (d). None of the above.

Question 10. Bareja is used to train?

(a). Grapevine.
(b). Betelvine.
(c). Both.
(d). Kiwi.

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Question 11. Family of strawberry is?

(a). Moraceae.
(b). Oxalidaceae.
(c). Rosaceae.
(d). Euphorbiaceae.

Question 12. One’s special is a variety of?

(a). Phalsa.
(b). Wood apple.
(c). Durian.
(d). Passion fruit.

Question 13. Finest fruit is?

(a). Mangosteen.
(b). Filbert.
(c). Gooseberry.
(d). Mango.

Question 14. Chromosome number of tamarind is?

(a). 2n = 20.
(b). 2n =14.
(c). 2n = 18.
(d). 2n = 40.

Question 15. Urigram is a variety of?

(a). Durian.
(b). Mulberry.
(c). Egg fruit.
(d). Tamarind.

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Question 16. Highest gestation period is found in?

(a). Chestnut.
(b). Mahua (Madhulika indica).
(c). Wood apple.
(d). Mulberry.

Question 17. Origin of gooseberry is?

(a). India.
(b). Pakistan.
(c). Sri Lanka.
(d). Bangladesh.

Question 18. Citrus granulation can be observed during…….?

(a). Ripening.
(b). Past ripening.
(c). Pre ripening.
(d). All of the above.

Question 19. Apolexy is a problem in….?

(a). Pear.
(b). Apple.
(c). Arecanut.
(d). Cocoa.

Question 20. Transportation of fruits is affected by?

(a). Method of packaging.
(b). Stage of ripening.
(c). Distance of market.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 21. Number of plants/ha in Super high density plantation of apple is….?

(a). 15,000.
(b). 10,000.
(c). 5,000.
(d). 20,000 – 50,000 (70,000 max.).

Question 22. Semi dwarf apple variety is?

(a). MM – 11.
(b). MM – 106.
(c). MM – 104.
(d). Merton – 793.

Question 23. Apple Bowl of India is?

(a). HP.
(b). J & K.
(c). Uttrakhand.
(d). UP.

Question 24. Another name for pergola is?

(a). T bar.
(b). Kniffin.
(c). Trellis.
(d). None of the above.

Question 25. Fruit plant which behave as a xerophyte plant?

(a). Jamun.
(b). Ber.
(c). Karonda.
(d). Kiwi fruit.

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Multiple Choice Questions On Pomology

Question 26. Germination from the fresh seed of ….is observed?

(a). Mango.
(b). Coconut.
(c). Jamun.
(d). All of the above.

Question 27. Rose apple is a variety of?

(a). Jamun.
(b). Guava.
(c). Ber.
(d). Apple.

Question 28. Date palm is harvested at?

(a). Doka stage.
(b). Dang stage.
(c). Region to region.
(d). Ripening stage.

Question 29. Origin of aonla is?

(a). India.
(b). China.
(c). Indo-China.
(d). Pakistan.

Question 30. Family of fig is?

(a). Moraceae.
(b). Fabaceae.
(c). Euphorbiaceae.
(d). Annonaceae.

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Question 31. Pear decline is caused by?

(a). Virus.
(b). Bacteria.
(c). Fungus.
(d). MLO.

Question 32. Processed green nut (arecanut) is?

(a). Kottapak.
(b). Chali.
(c). Chepak.
(d). Kalipak.

Question 33. Singara is a variety of?

(a). Chestnut.
(b). Tea.
(c). Coffee.
(d). Cashew nut.

Question 34. Word gllining is related with?

(a). Cashew.
(b). Coffee.
(c). Cocoa.
(d). Areca nut.

Question 35. Number of grades (fruit grading) in cashew nut…?

(a). 23.
(b). 26.
(c). 24.
(d). 25.

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Question 36. Temperate fruit which comes first in market?

(a). Apple.
(b). Pear.
(c). Plum.
(d). Cherry.

Question 37. Oldest training system in plum is?

(a). Centre.
(b). Open.
(c). Central modified.
(d). Open and centre.

Question 38. Fruit suitable for arid zone is?

(a). Ber.
(b). Apple.
(c). Mango.
(d). Grapes.

Question 39. For active growth of pear, soil depth (cm) should be?

(a). 150.
(b). 140.
(c). 160.
(d). 180.

Question 40. Which is right combination for apple variety and its native place?

(a). Granny – Italy.
(b). Jonathan – France.
(c). Empire – Germany.
(d). Gtoster – USA.

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Question 41. Mango variety with high fruit retention is?

(a). Totapari.
(b). Langra.
(c). Dasheheri.
(d). Alphonso.

Question 42. Percent of flower (flower bearing) highest in?

(a). Rumani 50%.
(b). Langra 68.9%.
(c). Dashehara 30%.
(d). Amrapali 75%.

Question 43. De suckering in banana is practiced in….?

(a). 45 days.
(b). 35 days.
(c). 55 days.
(d). 25 days.

Question 44. Gynodioecious variety of papaya is?

(a). Co – 3.
(b). Taiwan.
(c). CHD.
(d). All.

Question 45. Origin of pineapple is?

(a). Madagascar.
(b). Brazil.
(c). Panama.
(d). South Asia.

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Question 46. Viviparous means….?

(a). Germination of seeds on mother plant.
(b). Germination of seeds during storage.
(c). Germination of seeds on monoecious plants.
(d). Germination of polygamous seeds.

Question 47. Percent of juice in fruit jelly is?

(a). 15%.
(b). 25%.
(c). 10%.
(d). 33.33%.

Question 48. Harveting stage of peach is?

(a). Immature.
(b). Soft fruits.
(c). Fruit is still hard.
(d). Fruit becomes pulpy.

Question 49. Acid present in tamarind is?

(a). Acetic.
(b). Tartaric.
(c). Citric.
(d). Malic.

Question 50. Family of dill is?

(a). Zingebaraceae.
(b). Apiaceae.
(c). Solanaceae.
(d). Fabaceae.

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Multiple Choice Questions On Pomology

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