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NameMultiple Choice Questions on Entomology
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Entomology multiple choice questions

Paragraph 01

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Question 01. Family of diamond back moth is..?

(a). Plutellidae.
(b). Lepidoptera.
(c). Diptera.
(d). Hemipte

Question 02. Which is a highly fecond harmful insect species?

(a). Locust.
(b). DBM.
(c). Red pumpkin beetle.
(d). Homoptera.

Question 03. DBM is a specific insect of….?

(a). Brinjal.
(b). Tomato.
(c). Cabbage.
(d). Bottle gourd.

Question 04. IPM is also known as..?

(a). IPC.
(b). IDM.
(c). IPA.
(d). IIM.

Question 05. Scientific name of boll weevil is..?

(a). Phenacoccus hirsutus.
(b). Anthonomus grandis.
(c). Tectana grandis.
(d). Sylepta derogata.

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Question 06. Bt cotton is resistant against which crop?

(a). Spodoptera.
(b). Spodoptera.
(c). Lepidoptera.
(d). Hemiptera.

Question 07. First pesticide used in India was?

(a). DDT.
(b). Endosulfan.
(c). Heptachlor.
(d). Aldrin.

Question 08. Insecticide which is also know as Gamma-hexachloricyclohexane?

(a). Hexachlorobenzene.
(b). Heptachlor.
(c). TDE.
(d). Lindane.

Question 09. Which is a banned insecticide in India?

(a). Aldrin.
(b). Nitrofen.
(c). Aldicarb.
(d). All of the above.

Question 10. Which is an organophosphate?

(a). Mirex.
(b). DDT.
(c). Diazinon.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 11. Pollyphagous insect-pest is..?

(a). Locust.
(b). DBM.
(c). Mango hopper.
(d). Green hopper.

Question 12. Monophagous insect-pest is?

(a). Rice yellow stem borer.
(b). Cotton jassid.
(c). Rice weevil.
(d). All of the above.

Question 13. Which of the following describe trichogrma?

(a). It is a parasite of larvae.
(b). It is an egg parasitoid.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). It is a predator.

Question 14. Vector of rice tungro virus is..?

(a). GLH.
(b). BLH.
(d). WLH.
(d). None of the above.

Question. 15. Vector of Grassy Stunt Disease is?

(a). GLH.
(b). BLH.
(c). WLH.
(d). All of the above.

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Question. 16. Harmful stage of citrus psylla is?

(a). Nymph only.
(b). Adult only.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Larval stage.

Question. 17. Ear cockle of wheat is caused by?

(a). Virus.
(b). Bacteria.
(c). Fungus.
(d). Nematode.

Question. 18. Use of pesticide is highest in..?

(a). Rice.
(b). Cotton.
(c). Maize.
(d). Wheat.

Question. 19. Family of rice gandhi bug is?

(a). Alydidae.
(b). Pyralidae.
(c). Noctuidae.
(d). None of the above.

Question 20. Management practice of tundu disease includes?

(a). Hot vapor treatment.
(b). Neem based insecticide.
(c). Hot water treatment.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 21. Moths are..?

(a). Usually night fliers.
(b). Usually day fliers.
(c). Both the day and night fliers.
(d). Evening fliers.

Question 22. Butterflies are..?

(a). Usually night fliers.
(b). Usually day fliers.
(c). Both the day and night fliers.
(d). Evening fliers.

Question 23. Hopper burn (A. biguttula) is a symptom of..?

(a). Mango.
(b). Rice.
(c). Cotton.
(d). All of the above.

Question 24. Which is a regular pest?

(a). Aphids.
(b). Jassids.
(c). Thrips.
(d). All of the above.

Question 25. Which is a sporadic pest?

(a). Locust.
(b). Grasshoppers.
(c). Cutworms.
(d). All of the above.

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Entomology online quiz paragraph 02

Question 26. Which is potential pest?

(a). Army worm on wheat.
(b). Pink stem borer on maize.
(c). Rice gandhi bug.
(d). Rice weevil.

Question 27. Pest population studies are of..?

(a). 3 types.
(b). 2 types.
(c). 4 types.
(d). 1 type.

Question 28. Pest population estimates are of..?

(a). 3 types.
(b). 2 type.
(c). 4 types.
(d). 5 types.

Question 29. Relative estimate includes..?

(a). Use of traps.
(b). Insect products.
(c). Plant damage.
(d). All of the above.

Question 30. Gundhi bug attacks on?

(a). Grain filling stage.
(b). Milking stage.
(c). Tillering stage.
(d). Flowering stage.

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Question 31. Which is a resistant rootstock of apple against wooly aphid?

(a). M 778.
(b). M 112.
(c). M 115.
(d). All of the above.

Question 32. Biological control of wooly aphid is done by applying..?

(a). Aphelinus mali.
(b). Coccinellid predators.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Trichograma.

Question 33. Phorate 10 G is marked as?

(a). Safe.
(b). Moderate toxic.
(c). Highly toxic.
(d). Non of the above.

Question 34. Hand pick and destroy is done for?

(a). Rose chaffer beetle.
(b). White grub.
(c). Red scale.
(d). Bud worm.

Question 35. Silver shoot is also known as?

(a). Gall shoot.
(b). Silver sword.
(c). Modified shoot.
(d). Onion leaf.

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Question 36. Silver shoot is caused by..?

(a). Gall Midge.
(b). Gundhi bug.
(c). Thrips.
(d). Aphid.

Question 37. Well known pest of Bt cotton is..?

(a). Aphid.
(b). Jassid.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Ball worm.

Question 38. Adjustable type of nozzle is..?

(a). Spray boom.
(b). Hallow cone.
(c). Flat fan.
(d). Floodjet.

Question 39. Insecticide act was passed in the year..?

(a). 1965.
(b). 1966.
(c). 1967.
(d). 1968.

Question 40. Endemic pests can be described as?

(a). Pest occurs in a few specific area.
(b). Pest occurs in same area, year after year.
(c). Pest occurs frequently in current season in abundance.
(d). Pest occurs in severe form.

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Question 41. CPPTI is located in?

(a). Bengaluru.
(b). Mumbai.
(c). Hyderabad.
(d). Delhi.

Question 42. Insecticide marked as safe for honeybee is?

(a). DDT.
(b). Endosulphan.
(c). Melathion.
(d). Neem based insecticides.

Question 43. At ETL..?

(a). Pest management practice is applied.
(b). Pest surveillance starts.
(c). Last stage of pest control.
(d). None of the above.

Question 44. Full form of ETL is..?

(a). Economic Threshold Layer.
(b). Economic Threshold Level.
(c). Economical Threshold Level.
(d). Economy Threshold Level.

Question 45. What is true about EIL?

(a). Lowest pest population which will cause economic damage.
(b). Average pest population which will cause economic damage.
(c). Highest pest population which will cause economic damage.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 46. Caratovacuna is the scientific name for..?

(a). Top shoot borer.
(b). Woolly aphid.
(c). Internode borer.
(d). Shoot borer.

Question 47. Father of insect physiology is..?

(a). Wiggelworth.
(b). Jonathan.
(c). J.F. Dastur.
(d). Nelson.

Question 48. Safe insecticide for vegetable crop?

(a). Endosulfan.
(b). Captan.
(c). Thiram.
(d). Malathion.

Question 49. Pest population is kept below..?

(a). EIL.
(b). ETL.
(c). EDL.
(d). EML.

Question 50. Universal pest is..?

(a). Locust.
(b). Hoppers.
(c). Thrips.
(d). Aphids.

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