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Image 01: Malabar spinach plants

Image 02: Malabar spinach leaves

Image 03: Malabar spinach stem

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Image 04: Malabar spinach flowers

Image 05:  Malabar spinach fruits

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Image 05: Cercospora leaf spot of Malabar spinach

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Image 06: Malabar spinach leaf curl

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It is also known as poi in Hindi.

Common name: Basella

Scientific name

Green speciesBasella alba
Pink speciesBasella rubra

Method of propagation

The method of propagation in basella is cuttings and seeds.

Planting distance

It is 2 x 2 m.


Mix 10 – 15 kg of farm yard manure per pit.

Training system

Trellis and pandals.

First harvesting

First month after planting.

Yield: 4 tonnes per ha.

Multiple choice questions

All questions belong to Malabar spinach

Question 01. Which type of vine is this plant?

(a). Perennial.
(b). Annual.
(c). Biennial.
(d). None of the above.

Answer: It is a perennial vine.

Question 02. Which part of B. alba is edible?

(a). Vines.
(b). Leaves.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Answer: Leaves are used as vegetable.

Question 03. Which one is the native place of B. alba?

(a). Indian subcontinent.
(b). Southeast Asia.
(c). New Guinea.
(d). All of the above.

Answer: All of the above.

Question 04. Which one of the another name of B. alba?

(a). Vine spinach.
(b). Ceylon spinach.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Answer: Both a and b.

Question 05.What is the shape of leaves of B. alba?

(a). Square shape.
(b). Round shape.
(c). Globular shape.
(d). Heart shape.

Answer: Heart shape.

Question 06. Which is the best soil for this vegetable plant?

(a). Clay soil.
(b). Sandy soil.
(c). Sandy loam soil.
(d). Black soil.

Answer: Sandy loam is the best soil for this vegetable plant.

Question 07. Which is the red species of Malabar spinach?

(a). B. rubra.
(b). B. lucida.
(c). B. japonica.
(d). B. cordifolia.

Answer: B. rubra is the red species.

Question 08. What is the climate requirement?

(a). Cold and rainy.
(b). Warm and rainy.
(c). Dry conditions.
(d). None of the above.

Answer: It performs well in warm and rainy conditions.

Question 09. What is the local name of Malabar spinach in India?

(a). Poi.
(b). Saag.
(c). Curry.
(d). None of the above.

Answer: Poi is the local name.

Question 10. Which one is the propagation method in B. alba?

(a). Stem cuttings.
(b). Seeds.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Answer: Both a and b.

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