Is onohosting good for a WordPress website or blog?

What is onohosting?

Onohosting is a web hosting company which provide cheap web hosting service in India. It is a Haryana based Indian company. The hosting provider is a good option for beginner and students to start their blogging journey.

Offer as of 02/01/2022

Baisc information

Domain authority30 (as of 02/01/2022)
Page authority50 (as of 02/01/2022)
Data centerIndia
Alexa ranking38,663 (as of 02/01/2022)
Age3 year 267 days as of 02/01/2022
LocationMoti Plaza, E126,3rd Floor, Sohna Rd, Gurugram, Haryana 122103
Website url

List of contents

(01). Basic features
(02). Benefits
(03). Plans
(04). What do they say?
(05). My review
(06). Cons
(07). Final answer
(08). Frequently asked questions

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(01). Basic features

  • Linux shared web hosting
  • Let’s encrypt free SSL Certificates.
  • Fast SSD web hosting.
  • Website builder: Drag and drop website builder with 500 plus ready to use templates.
  • HTML language.
  • Latest PHP version.

(02). Benefits

2.1: Free monthly backup

  • You don’t need to backup manually each time.
  • Your data will be safe with monthly backup.
  • It is free.
  • You can restore the monthly backup date if someone went wrong.

2.2: Unlimited bandwidth

  • Bandwidth is good for a basic website or blog.

2.3: Free SSL certificate

Web hosting provider, such as GoDaddy doesn’t provide free SSL certificate. Here free SSL means Let’s Encrypt.

2.4: Cpanel

You will get a Cpanel interface to mange your files and data. Cpanel is one of the best web hosting interface. It is very easy to manage files and data with Cpanel.

2.5: Monthly payment

Payment is monthly. Customers don’t need to pay for 1 year. You can stop your plan if you don’t like this. Hence you will loss only 30.00 Rs.

2.6: Customer support

Customer support is good. They provide 27×7 customer support. You will get help in following ways:

  • Online chat.
  • Toll free number.
  • Ticket support.

2.6.1: Online chat

You can chat with any agent at any time regarding your hosting issue. Online chatting is available on the client area page. Although, time for live chat is 11.00 am to 7.00 pm.

2.6.2: Toll free number

  • Their toll free number is +918440068440.

2.6.3: Ticket support

  • Reply time is 6 to 7 hours.
  • You have to open a ticket.
  • Drop your message.
  • You will be replied by an agent within 6 to 7 hours.

(03). Plans (shared hosting)

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3.1: Monthly plans

  • Rs. 30.00 plan.
  • Rs. 60.00 plan.

Rs. 30.00 plan

  • Website: 1.
  • SSD space: 100 MB.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited.
  • E-Mail: 2 accounts.
  • Database: 2.
  • Subdomain: 2.
  • Free SSL certificate: Yes
  • Softaculous: Yes.
  • cPanel: Yes
  • Website Builder: Yes.
  • WordPress: Yes.
  • Free monthly backup: Yes.
  • Indian data center: Yes.
  • Lite speed web server: Yes.

Rs. 60.00 plan

  • Website: 1.
  • SSD space: 1 GB.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited.
  • E-Mail: 5 accounts.
  • Database: 5.
  • Subdomain: 5.
  • Free SSL certificate: Yes
  • Softaculous: Yes.
  • cPanel: Yes
  • Website Builder: Yes.
  • WordPress: Yes.
  • Free monthly backup: Yes.
  • Indian datacenter: Yes.
  • Litespeed web server: Yes.

Rs. 100.00 plan

  • Website: 2.
  • SSD space: 2 GB.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited.
  • E-Mail: 10 accounts.
  • Database: 10.
  • Subdomain: 10.
  • Free SSL certificate: Yes
  • Softaculous: Yes.
  • cPanel: Yes
  • Website Builder: Yes.
  • WordPress: Yes.
  • Free monthly backup: Yes.
  • Indian datacenter: Yes.
  • Litespeed web server: Yes.

Other hosting plans

Fast hosting
Dedicated server

(04). What do the they say?

Web hosting should be fast, reliable, simple and affordable.

We support the ever growing online business and meet the expectations of business users at an affordable price.

Our services include WordPress , Linux, cPanel & Plesk control panel and migration of server.

We ensure smooth performance, reduce downtime, and mitigate our customer’s costs.

Our support team treat every customer diligently with a dedication to excellent 24×7 support.

(05). My review

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Hello, my name is Harish Manik. I’m a writer. Apart from this blog, I also write for my own 5 others blogs. I don’t belong to technology field. But due to my passion of writing, I wanted to publish my writings in my own website.

Hence I went with a well known web hosting provider after reading many reviews through Google search. After purchasing a costly hosting plan, I did install WordPress for blogging.

As I have said earlier that, “I don’t belong to the field of technology”, one day my website crashed due to my own fault. Hence I decided that there should be an extra website for experiment purpose with a lowest hosting price.

After spending 30 minutes during my online search, I found a 30.00 Rs. per month plan from onohosting.

My only purpose was to host a cheapest website just for experiment purpose before applying it on my main website.

I purchased 30.00 Rs. monthly hosting plan for 1 year which cost 199.00 Rs. for a whole year. Website is running smoothly. There is no major problem except disk space. This plan includes only 200 MB disk space which is very less.

But, it did not affect my purpose. My only aim is to experiment some WordPress tools and technologies before applying it to the main site.

For running a basic blog or website, you should go with at least 1 to 2 GB disk space. Even 1 to 2 GB plans are very cheap by this hosting provider.

(06). Cons

Disk space: It is less. You can’t install bigger size files. To run a bigger file, such as WooCommerce, you have to purchase bigger plan. Disk size should be more.

6.1: Uptime

You have to resize images to make your pages light weight.

6.2: Data center

Their data center is located in India. You website will rank for Indian keywords. A blogger will find it difficult to rank international keywords. But as a beginner, you should choose this provider.

(07). Final answer

Is onohosting good for WordPress website?

Answer: Yes, it is good for beginners. You won’t face any problem during the installation of wordpress. Always go with a monthly plan.

(08). Frequently asked questions

Question 01. Which is the best hosting provider in India?

Answer: Hostinger, hostgator, bluehost, etc., are the best hosting providers in India.

Question 02. Should I choose onohosting for my website?

Answer: Yes, as a beginner. You can choose it for your blog or website.

-By Harish Manik

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