Indian GDP Solved Questions

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Answer key: GDP of India MCQ (Quiz)

(01).aAccording to the estimate, it will see postive growth of 9.2% in the Fiscal Year 2021-22. The positive growth is due to agricultural and manufacturing sectors.
(02).dThe Indian economy witnessed a contraction growth of -7.3% in the Indian Gross Domestic Product.
(03).cIn the fiscal year 2021-22, the agricultural and manufacturing sectors are the reasons of growth in the gross domestic product.
(04).cThe agriculture sector is estimated to grow in the Fiscal Year 2022 at the rate of 3.9%.
(05).dThe manufacturing sector is estimated to grow in the Fiscal Year 2022 at the rate of 12.5%.
(06).b1. Nominal gross domestic product is based on the current prices.
2. Here, inflation is a negative force.
3. Growing nominal GDP from year to year might reflect a rise in prices.
4. Real GDP start with nominal GDP.
(07).cTo see the current value of the Indian gross domestic product, you can visit World Bank’s website.
(08).aThe current status of a country is based on its GDP, Human Development Index, National Income, etc.
(09).bIndia is a middle income country.
(10).cMixed economy is the characteristic of the Indian economy.
(12).dThe Purchasing Power Parity is a money conversation rate. Most of the world’s developing countries use USD as an unit to converse their currency.
(13).aIMF stands for the International Monetary Fund.

The work of IMF are as follows:

1. To promote global economic growth.
2 To promote and financial stability.
3. To encourage international trade.
4. To reduce poverty.
(15).aThe Indian financial year starts from 1 April. It ends on 31 March.
(20).aThe agricultural sectors play a major role in the Indian economy.
(23).cThe Human Development Index of India is medium. It is low in many states.

(1). HDI of India: 0.645 (Medium).
(2). HDI of Kerala: 0.782 (Highest in India).
(3). HDI of Bihar: 0.574 (Lowest in India).
(25).aAdress of the National Statistical Office: Sardar Patel Bhawan, Parliament Street, New Delhi.

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