Read objective questions based on IGKV CET. IGKV CET Multiple Choice Questions as we know, or IGKV CET MCQs are the general questions from agriculture.

Questions are asked from the following subjects/topics:

  • Soil science.
  • Plant breeding.
  • Agronomy.
  • Entomology.
  • Horticulture.
  • Agricultural Economics.
  • Agroforestry.
  • Plant Physiology.
  • Agricultural Extension.
  • Meteorology.
  • Plant Pathology.
  • Agricultural Engineering.

IGKV CET Multiple Choice Questions

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Question 01. The total area of the fruit crops in the state is ….?

(a). 2,58,630 Ha.
(b). 2,09,730 Ha.
(c). 2,38,140 Ha.
(d). 3,50,100 Ha.

Question 02. The total production of vegetable crops in the state was …. MT in the year 2019-20?

(a). 81,08,007.
(b). 71,58,909.
(c). 65,50,000.
(d). 50,50,500.

Question 03. Area under …. cultivation is negligible in the state?

(a). Fruit.
(b). Flower.
(c). Spices.
(d). Vegetable.

Question 04. The agro climatic zones in Chhattisagadh is..?

(a). 15.
(b). 21.
(c). 27.
(d). 30.

Question 05. ….% land of Chhattisgarh plains is irrigated?

(a). 25%.
(b). 31%.
(c). 37%.
(d). 43%.

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Question 06. The bhantha soil (भांठा मृदा) is dominant in..?

(a). Chhattisagadh plains.
(b). Chhattisgarh plateau.
(c). Chhattisgarh hills.
(d). All of the above.

Question 07. There are …. lakh family of farmers in Chhattisgarh?

(a). 29.68.
(b). 48.64.
(c). 25.96.
(d). 37.46.

Question 08. Currently, there are …. cooperative mills of sugar in chhattisagadh?

(a). 5.
(b). 4.
(c). 2.
(d). 1.

Question 09. How many times Chhattisgarh has won Krishi Karman Puruskar?

(a). 3.
(b). 4.
(c). 5.
(d). 6.

Question 10. The average annual rainfall in the state is..?

(a). 11,00 mm.
(b). 14,00 mm.
(c). 17,00 mm.
(d). 9,00 mm.

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Question 11. Land covered by the forest is..?

(a). 33%.
(b). 37%.
(c). 25%.
(d). 43%.

Question 12. Madamsilli project is near to..?

(a). Mahanadi project.
(b). Gangrel project.
(c). Dudhua dam.
(d). Heerakud.

Question 13. Which pair is right?

Domestic animals and their percentage in the state….

(a). Cattle – 64%.
(b). Buffalo – 37%.
(c). Goat – 20%.
(d). Pig – 1%.

Question 14. Which is dioecious..?

(a). Pointed gourd.
(b). Spine gourd.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Question 15. Commercial method of propagation in rose is..?

(a). Cutting.
(b). Grafting.
(c). T budding.
(d). Divisions.

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Question 16. The symptoms of whiptail in cauliflower appears on..?

(a). Leaves.
(b). Curd.
(c). Stem.
(d). Whole plant.

Question 17. A farm should not be run further, when..?

(a). There is no fund.
(b). Low productivity.
(c). Investment is higher than the output for a long time.
(d). All of the above.

Question 18. The transgenic crop production is maximum under?

(a). Corn.
(b). Cotton.
(c). Sugar beet.
(d). Canola.

Question 19. Which produces continuous rain?

(a). Stratus.
(b). Cirus.
(c). Alto stratus.
(d). Nimbostratus.

Question 20. SRI technology was developed in..?

(a). South Africa.
(b). Indonesia.
(c). Madagascar.
(d). Main land China.

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Question 21. Sand culture is popular in..?

(a). USA.
(b). UK.
(c). India.
(d). Middle East.

Question 22. The scientific name of wild oat is..?

(a). Zizania palustris.
(b). Avena foetida.
(c). Avena sativa.
(d). None of the above.

Question 23. Super rice produces …. grains per panicle?

(a). 50 – 100.
(b). 150 – 250.
(c). 250 – 300.
(d). 300 – 350.

Question 24. The dead heart symptom is caused by..?

(a). Gall midge.
(b). Yellow stem borer.
(c). Green leaf hopper.
(d). Cut worms.

Question 25. The test weight is measured in..?

(a). Pound per bushel.
(b). KG per bushel.
(c). Gram per bushel.
(d). All of the above.

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