How to score more in 12th exam?

How to get more marks in 12th board exam is a very important question. Every student studying in 12th wants to get maximum marks, and with good marks, there is a possibility of getting a job somewhere in the future.

For the fulfillment of this purpose, the parents of the children also get involved in the preparation along with the children. But it is not possible for every student to get more than 90% marks.

Here are 7 such tips, following which students will be able to get maximum marks in the 12th board examination.

7 tips:

(1). Syllabus tips
(2). Notes tips
(3). Self preparation tips
(4). Tuition tips.
(5). Online preparation tips.
(6). Class lecture tips.
(7). Subject tips.

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(01). Syllabus tips

There are 2 types of syllabus in class 12th:

  • First – Courses related to the theory subject.
  • Second – Courses related to practical subjects.

Since the courses related to the theory subject are of 100 marks, it is very important to prepare them properly. The marks in this course are divided according to the topic. More marks are allotted to the topics with more importance. Therefore, while preparing for the syllabus, you should focus more on these topics.

The basic things should always be kept in mind while preparing the syllabus for the exam. The questions asked in the last few years and the topics related to them should be studied deeply.

(02). Notes

Notes play a very important role towards scoring more marks. Notes can either be made by themselves, or can be stored, or can also be purchased. But always try to make notes by yourself. With this, things are understood properly and are also remembered well.

2.1 Making Notes – Making notes is a very good habit. It plays an important role in the success of any student. But making notes does not mean that students keep making notes of all the topics, this only leads to wastage of time.

I mean to say here is that notes should be made only on those points which are important, and whose answers are either not known by the students. Time should be saved by not making notes of those whose answers are already known and which are relatively easier than other topics.

While making notes, it should be kept in mind that all the important points related to the topics should be included in the notes being made. Also, the notes should be made point wise by giving headings and subheadings.

2.2 Collection of notes – Notes can be collected in two ways. From senior students. Buying notes. While collecting notes from senior students, keep in mind how many marks that student has scored in the last examination and how hardworking he is. Any book shop can be resorted to to buy notes. Buy books of only those publications which are certified and which the teachers also suggest to buy.

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(03). Self preparation

It is very important to have confidence in self preparation. Follow the following things while preparing by yourself:

  • Get up early by 4 in the morning.
  • Go to school everyday.
  • Quit mobile addiction.
  • Prepare notes regularly in classes.
  • Read continuously during the holidays.
  • Don’t take too much leave.
  • In the evening, participate in some sport for an hour.
  • Quit the habit of traveling.
  • Take help from your parents and elder siblings in studies.
  • Do yoga in the morning.
  • Make revision a priority.

(04). Tution

In the present time almost all the students take help of tuitions to get more marks. Tuition related tips are as follows:

  • Take tuition from a good tutor only.
  • Go to tuition everyday.
  • Don’t skip tuitions during summer vacations.
  • Attend the exam conducted by the tuition institution.
  • Don’t become completely self-sufficient on tutoring.

(05). Online study

It has been said in the past to give up mobile addiction; This meant that the mobile should be used only for study work and for talking to someone in any necessary conditions. Using mobile for studies is a very good habit. To use mobile in studies, it is very important to have a data pack in the mobile. Any website can be used for online preparation. Some of these websites are as follows:

5.1 You Tube: This is a website related to videos. All types of information related to education are available here.

5.2 Other Websites: Use Google to find information from other websites. For this, the words to be searched should be written exactly in google and search should be done.

(06). Lecture

The lecture given in the class is equal to tuition in itself. Therefore, one should study with concentration in the class. Keep the following things in mind in class:

  • Attend class regularly.
  • Note down the lecture.
  • Do not bring mobile to class.
  • Take good care of the class.

(7). Subjects

There are different groups of students in class 12th. There are students from Biology, Mathematics, Arts, Commerce and Agriculture group. Despite having different subject groups, the principle of preparation for these subjects is the same.

  • Give equal importance to all subjects.
  • Prepare time table for all subjects.
  • Try to understand the topic.
  • Don’t waste time cramming.
  • Prepare notes on all the important points as mentioned earlier.
  • Lastly the most important and important thing is to give top priority to regularity during 12th board preparation.

Thanks with best wishes!

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