Groundnut leaf spot photos

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(1). Groundnut leaf spot diseases

Image 01: Groundnut tikka disease photo

Image 02: Groundnut alternaria blight

Image 03: Groundnut nut late blight

Image 04:

Image 05: Severe form of alternaria blight

Image 06: Initial stage of alternaria blight

Image 07: 

Image 08: Brown colour spots

Image 09:

Image 10:

Image 11: Healthy leaves 

Image 12: Healthy leaves

(2). Types of G. L. S.

There are four types:

(2.1). Early L. S.


  • Cercospora arachidicola


  • It appears just one month after the sowing of seeds.

Identification of spots:

  • Early spots are chlorotic, later the spots turn in brown and large.

Upper surface of the leaves:

  • Presence of sub circular shapes.

Lower surface of the leaves:

  • Presence of light brown colouration.

Lesions: These are common in petioles, stems, stipules.

Management: Use carbendazim of mancozeb.

(2.2). Late L. S.

Cause: Phaeoisariopsis personatum


  • Kharif crop: 2 months after sowing.
  • Rabi crop: more than one month after sowing.


  • Small, black circular sopts develops in the lower surface.


  • Use carbendazim or mancozeb.

(2.3). Alternaria L. S.

Cause: Alternaria arachidis and A. tenuissima


  • One month after sowing.


  • Development of brown and irregular lession which is surrounded by yellow hollow.
  • Blighting of apical portion of leaves.

(2.4). Rust

  • Small rough brown spots.

Groundnut diseases

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