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Before going further let us know a little about English.

(01). What is English?
(02). Why is English necessary?
(03). How much English do I have to know?

(A). About the language

Definition of English according to the Oxford Language Dictionary- “The language that is spoken in Britain, the US, Australia, etc.”

Hence, It is language which is dominant in western countries. It is considered as an international language.

You need to be proficient in reading, writing and spiking for the following reasons:

(1). International language.
(2). Study material.
(3). Language of higher education programme.
(4). Language of competition exams.
(5). Text and reference books.
(6). Language of the internet.

First: It is considered as an international language. Almost all people understand this language. I mean to say that it is the second language of many people across the world. You won’t face any problem in foreign countries if you know this language. For example, If you go to South India, you will not be able to explain them in your own language. Here you will get a lot of help from English.

Second: Quality study materials are available in English. You won’t find any excellent book on any subject written in other languages. Today it has become a norm.

Third: English is the language of higher education degree programmes. Exception are some degree programmes, such as the Degree Programme related to a particular subject.

Fourth: It is the language of many major competition exams in India. You can manage your time with good English.

Fifth: Quality text and reference books are easily available in this language.

Final: It is the language of the internet. Internet is full of knowledge. You can’t exploit the potential of internet without this language.


You can’t be 100% proficient in any language. Even Hindi speaking people don’t have 100% proficiency over the Hindi language. You need to know as much as necessary so that you make minimum grammatical mistakes. It is also important that you understand what the person in front is saying and you can answer it.

There are many versions of this language. American, British, Indian English etc.

So don’t afraid while using Indian words during speaking. For example:

English people say ‘Yoga (योगा)’ intead of Yog (योग). Why can’t you say ‘कम्फर्ट’ instead of kuhm-fawt. This is Indian version of English.

But it is necessary that you follow basic rules of this language during writing.

Hence, English is very important for every student.

Hello, I’m Harish Manik. I’m a professional writer. You can visit my profile. I’m here to help you in English. You can join my online coaching classes.

(B). Area served

Jashpur, Kunkuri, Kansabel, Pathalgoan, Farsabahar, Pandaripani, Dokda, Bandarchua, Duldula, Bagicha, Manora, Sanna, Loro, Bagbahar, Ganjhiyadih, Jokbahala, Barjor.

(C). Mode of class

  • Offline.
  • Online.

Online classes

Jashpur, Kunkuri, Kansabel, Pathalgoan, Farsabahar, Pandaripani, Dokda, Bandarchua, Duldula, Bagicha, Manora, Sanna, Loro, Bagbahar, Ganjhiyadih, Jokbahala, Barjor.

Offline classes

Dokda, Bandarchua, Deori, Pandaripani, Farsabahar, Chingribahar, Bansbahar.

(D). Timing of class

1.MondayMorning: 07-09
Evening: 07-09
2.TuesdayMorning: 07-09
Evening: 07-09
3.WednesdayMorning: 07-09
Evening: 07-09
4.ThursdayMorning: 07-09
Evening: 07-09
5.FridayMorning: 07-09
Evening: 07-09
6.SaturdayMorning: 07-09
Evening: 07-09
7.SundayMorning: 07-09
Evening: 07-09
Select day or evening time as per your convenience

Fee structure

500.00 ₹₹Monthly

Payment option

Outline of the tuition class

  • Improving your grammar and baisc English.

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