Can Government Provide Land For Farming to Farmers?

Government, specially State Government many many scheme for their farmers. 

Example of such schemes are as follows:

(1). Schemes from the department of agriculture.
(2). Scheme from the department of horticulture.
(3). Schemes from the department of animal husbandry and farm forestry.
(4). Schemes from the department of fisheries.
(5). Other departments.

These are the basic scheme from State Governments for their farmers.

We know, there are 3 categories of farmers..

  1. Marginal farmers.
  2. Small farmers.
  3. Big farmers.

Marginal Farmers

  • The land holding of marginal farmers is below than 2.5 acre.

Small Farmers

  • The land holding of Small Farmers is 2.5 to below 5.0 acre.

Big Farmers

  • The land holding of Big Farmers is 5.0 acre and above.

But, the land holding of the fourth category of farmers is negligible or below.

We can say them ‘Farmers without land’, and these type of farmers require government support for farming.

But the question is – “Can government provide land for farming to farmers?”

Answer is ‘Yes’. 

Yes government can provide land to landless farmers for agricultural need.

But, again, there is a restriction. There should be government scheme for this purpose.

Farmers can get this benefit if there is a scheme.

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You would have heard about SHG or Self Help Group, definitely.

There are many types of SHGs and their are being benefited through different schemes.

For Example: 

NGGB or Narva Garva Ghurva Bari is the flagship scheme of the government of Chhattisgarh for Backward farmers.

In this scheme, government provide a land of piece to a SHG for Farming Activity, such as:

  • Production of FYM,
  • Production of Mushroom.
  • Production of Vermicompost, 
  • Cultivation of Fodder Corps,
  • Allied sector’s activities such as fish farming, poultry farming, etc.

Godhan Nyay Yojana

How to know the availability of scheme in your state?

Go to one of the following department:

  • Department of agriculture.
  • Department of horticulture.
  • Department of animal husbandry.
  • Department of fisheries.

If such scheme is available in your state, then follow next step.

  • Make a Self Help Group of 10 landless of marginal/small farmers.
  • Name the group.
  • Register the group in Panchayat.
  • Open a current bank account.
  • Collect necessary records.
  • Apply to the department.
  • Get approval.

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