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PART 01 OF 02: General Description

What is Grafting Knife?

Grafting knife is a type of knife especially made for grafting of flower and fruit plants. It is a gardening tool equipment.

What is Budding Knife?

Grafting knife is also known as budding knife. A grafting knife is also used for budding of different flower and fruit plants.
In this post tilted ‘Best Grafting Knife For Home Garden’, we are going to know about:
1. The general description of grafting knife.
2. Use and importance of grafting knife.
3. Types of grafting knife.
4. Required features.
5. Selection of best grafting knife.

What are the required criteria (Selection Criteria)?

1. Sharp Edge: Sharp edge, undoubtedly, is a very important feature of any grafting knife. Most of the grafting knives available in local or online shop, are blunted or not very sharp. A gardener had to sharp it manually. A knife having sharp  would give more success.
2. Stainless Razor: Always prefer a grafting knife made of stainless steel. Grafting using a knife made of stainless steel greatly reduces the chance of fungal infections.


Generally, there are two types:
1. One blade grafting knife.
2. Two blade grafting knife.
Both work equally. Selection and choice depends on you.

PART 02 OF 02: Product Review

In this article a I’m going to review about grafting knife.

1. Falcon Steel Fbgk-60 Budding Grafting Knife (Multicolor)

Rs. 349.00


1. It can be operated single handedly.
2. Hand of the knife is made of plastic materials.
3. The knife has three blades. Two out of three are stainless steel blades. One blade is made of bronze. The third blade is used for opening or loosening barks during budding operation.


1. It very is easy to use.
2. It is hard and compact.
3. It is foldable so sharp edges are safe from physical injuries while not in use.

Why should you use this?

As a professional or an amateur gardener, or as a student we need a best quality grafting/budding knife. We definitely this one. So, considering all these requirements we should use this grafting knife.

2. High Carbon Steel Foldable Grafting Garden Knife with Handle Garden Fruit Tree Tool

Rs. 1,238.00

This is a very good and one of the best bragging tool available online. The grafting/budding knife is recommend.


You can use this grafting knife for budding.

Fruit Plants:

1. Ber.
2. Peach.
3. Pear.
4. Apple.

Flower Plants:

1. Rose
You can use this grafting knife for grafting….

Fruit Plants:

1. Mango (veneer grafting in mango).
2. Cashew nut.
You can use this grafting knife for practicing air layering in citrus.

Performance & Result

I sharpened it from a local fabrication workshop. I found this equipment very useful for me. I have grafted and budded more than 300 hundreds of fruit plants using this knife.
-by Harish Manik

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