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(01). Quiz on botany for 12th students

(02).aLive-cell imaging is an early 21st century technology.
(05).a2n of apple is 34.
(06).cCalvin cycle is also known as light-independent reactions. It is also present in photosynthetic bacteria.
(07).dBotanical gardens are rich in different plant species. Ekamra Kanan Botanical Gardens, Hyderabad Botanical Garden, etc., are the major botanical gardens of India.
(08).bThe writer of Species plantarum is Carl Linnaeus. Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish.
(11).dAbscisic acid or ABA is a growth retardant plant hormone. Its action is apposite to auxin.
(14).aPointed gourd, spine gourd, scarlet gourd, etc., are dioecious.
(16).dPoaceae plants are monocotyledon. Answer is d. All plants are the monocotyledon. Hence answer is d.
(19).cThis question is very easy. Question is easy but these types of questions take more time.
(20).dSelf pollinated plants contain male and female parts in same plant. They do not require a separate male plant.
(21).bPotato belongs to Solanaceae group.
(22).dCabbage, cauliflower, knolkhol, etc., are Cole crops.
(23).aThe turgidity of gaurd cells defines it’s current status.
(26).aRoot hairs are fine roots.
(27).dFlower types in papaya: Male, female, hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodite plants contain male and female flowers.
(29).aBacillus thuringiensis is a Recombinant DNA Technology.
(31).aVascular tissue is a complex conducting tissue.
(34).bPhloem is also known as bast.
(35).bPhloem transports soluble organic compounds.
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